Thursday, January 19, 2012

This is why you need to spay/neuter your dog(s)

This is a dog that was dumped at a shelter after living with someone for a year. He was dumped in a high kill shelter, no less! For days, he wouldn't look at any of the shelter staff, wouldn't eat, stared out the window for his owners to come back & get him, which of course they never did. Please spread the word "don't breed or buy while shelter pets die"! There are thousands of perfectly healthy animals, even puppies euthanized every day! 3 to 4 MILLION a year, 57% of shelter dogs in this country are euthanized!!! There are many no kill shelters or rescue groups who save these animals, but many aren't saved. 70% of large breed dogs are euthanized. :( It's so simple, please make sure you buy from a shelter, not a pet store, and spay your pets! Thanks so much. I'm a huge dog lover, have to spread the word. Here's the darling I was talking about. People are so heartless. :(

There are many, many more like him. Luckily, I think these 2 dogs now have foster homes (saved from death) & hopefully will be adopted & loved the rest of their lives. There are many, many people in the country trying to save dogs on death row; rescues, volunteers, transporters, fosters, crossposters (people who post dogs in need on facebook). Because of these caring people giving of their own time & resources, these 2 dogs had a lot of attention & are now safe. There are many, many more still in danger.

Here are a few rescues or shelters that are in dire need:

Some sobering statistics:

If you love dogs, please do what you can to help. They're man's best friend & they need our help!