Friday, February 3, 2012

Party Shish Kabobs

YUM! These came out DELICIOUS! Hope everyone loves them tomorrow at my sisters baby shower!

I marinated Tomatoes, artichoke hearts & mozzarella cheese & cheese tortellini in Italian dressing, garlic, chives (cut small), salt & pepper overnight. Then I put them on a shish kabob stick with fresh basil & slices of salami. Fresh!

I also marinated some chicken strips overnight in a mixture of honey, worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, cider vinegar, chopped chives, chopped garlic & salt & pepper. I then cut into chunks & cooked in oil. I put the cooked chicken on the skewers, some just chicken & some chicken & cheese alternating. Would be great on a salad!!!! Huh? My husband said the chicken came out delicious!

This is a platter of the different kabobs together. Something for everyone & can be made ahead.

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