Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some Decorative accents around our House:

I wanted my stepdaughter's room to look like a garden. I picked out fluffy green carpet, painted the walls a bright yellow, bought them red comforters and the BEST part is the decals of red flowers I stuck to the walls. Doesn't it look like a flower is growing up from the ground? Bright, simple & fun! The girls love it. Also, the White shelf around the whole room & high up, de-clutters their shelves, while being a decorative feature in the room.

My husband is a contractor & it was his awesome idea to add this nook in the bathroom for extra space, since it's a small bathroom. This area could get messy, but we solved that by buying a few baskets that fit perfectly where we store soap, shampoo etc. Instead of folding towels, we roll them (usually in a design not featured in this pic). That makes the plain towels a decoration. Pretty clever, eh? It's the simple things. he he!

You can't see in this picture, but these blocks around the island my Mom designed the look of this for us! I picked out these BEAUTIFUL tiles & we weren't sure how to incorporate. The tiles catch the light & reflect an amber glow in such a beautiful way. I bought amber wine glasses & we have amber hanging lights which are a theme taken from the beautiful glow of these tiles. Great job with the design, Mom!

Some design accents my husband built, a combo of our ideas. Top Picture (below) is some beautiful tile work in bathroom, bottom pic is of our kitchen ceiling which adds interesting architectural detail!:

If you like some of this beautiful design work my husband has done, please like him on facebook at:

BELOW: Great idea for part of shower wall, this really lets in the light! Love it, great job honey. These large glass blocks also really compliment the small tiles of the same opalescent color.

~ BELOW: Our New Curtains! Did pretty well on these by buying on tax free day & using a coupon! (:

You can see some more of his BEAUTIFUL design work! He's an artist too!!! Thank you so much for your support! It's appreciated.

*find him on facebook @:KevinAllenCarpentry,Inc. Please like ~ thank you!

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