Saturday, November 26, 2011

Every dog needs a home; every home needs a dog.

I have 2 adorable dogs that make our house a home. Of course, they have also wrecked their fair amount of things in our home & caused much stress, but the love they give far, far outweighs any damage they do. These are my sweet babies (Daisy & Carly) We snuggle with them all the time! Daisy is a coonhound & almost 1 year old. She is huggy, gets into everything & cries a lot. Know the song "Hound dog" by Elvis? Makes sense to me know, hound dogs do cry all the time! She's the biggest cuddlebug though, & a great watchdog too! She hears everything! Carly is almost 3 & is a whippet retriever mix. She gets cold easily, can run like the wind & licks the kids continuously. They are BOTH RESCUES!!! Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die! On a sad note, shelters across the country euthanize thousands of dogs a day! Healthy, young dogs, puppies, all breeds. 57% of dogs in shelters are euthanized. Please support your local shelter, dogs are Gods innocent creatures & deserve to have a life & a home. NEUTER YOUR DOG OR CAT!!!!! PLEASE!!! :

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