Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bone Marrow Drive

How cute is this? Like the signs pointing in all directions? ;)
This is a small thing, but something I'm very proud of. A few years ago I had a bone marrow drive at the local church. I feel like everyone should be on the bone marrow list, it's such an important thing & such an easy way to save a life, or extend a life. That day we added sixty something new people to the list. Not a ton, but every bit helps. It's so easy to have a drive, if you want to have one, contact your local church & the Caitlyn Raymond International Bone Marrow Registry. They will walk you through it.

One of the reasons I chose to do this was my friend from High school, her name is Lisa, was a bone marrow donor. It was a pretty simple procedure for her, but something that a family in need never forgot. The person she donated to ended up passing, but with her help, his life was extended. Every moment is precious with someone you love so much and she gave that gift of time. When she told me that she was invited to the person she donated too's kids wedding, I couldn't help have tears in my eyes. What a selfless, awesome friend! Be inspired, have a bone marrow drive! It's very easy! If you have questions, I can help or try to help. Why not try, you never know who you can help?

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