Monday, September 10, 2012

Lunch Box Ideas

My daughter is a vegetarian, she HATES the school lunches because, well, for a vegetarian it's either pizza, pizza again, or,! Not many choices & how quickly would one get sick of that? Also, not very healthy day after day. She was THRILLED with this lunch I made her & saves time in the morning. If your child is not a vegetarian you could add meat in the mix if you wish. I'm going to try & post more as I make them this year. Feel free to share your lunchbox ideas also!

Pictured above: Mini bagel/peanut butter, cut up peach, cheese & crackers.

Above: Almonds, mandarin oranges, orzo salad with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, dressing & seasonings.

Above: PBJ sandwich, cukes & light ranch dip!

Above: Peanut butter crackers, chocolate almonds, light ranch dip with peapods, cheese stick cup up, carrots

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