Thursday, March 26, 2015

Roasted Baby Red Potatoes & Asparagus

This is a very quick & easy side dish!

Simply chop the baby red potatoes into bite sized pieces. Pinch off the bottom of the asparagus, then cut into thirds. Chop 1 onion & add to bowl with potatoes & red onion. You can pre-season with dressing & chopped garlic if you like also until ready to cook.

For dressing: Mix olive oil, salt/pepper, rosemary seasoning mix (can find in spice aisle of grocery store, either packet, or TJmaxx has a nice rosemary mixture I like to stock up on & use too.

Toss all ingredients gently, but well, till coated. Pop into 350 degree oven & cook until potatoes & asparagus get lightly browned & softened. ~ Enjoy!

Spanish Salad

Baby Kale spring salad mix
cherry tomatoes
black beans
frozen corn
red onion

For dressing:
Cumin, Olive Oil, garlic (through garlic press)
Lime, salt/pepper

Simply put kale in bottom of bowl. then cut the avocado into slices. Cut the Onion into little bits, rinse the black beans, cook the corn, chop the cilantro, cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Then layer these items in sections on top of the lettuce mix & top with the chopped cilantro.

For Dressing: add olive oil, cumin, lime, salt/pepper, garlic (pressed) to taste. ~ Enjoy!!