Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roast Chicken Dinner with homemade stuffing & sweet & sour carrots


Carrots cut into penny shapes
Parsnips cut into penny shapes
Cider vinegar
Honey or Brown sugar

Peel & cut the carrots & parsnips. Put about a tbsp cider vinegar in cooking pan. Add about 1/3 cup brown sugar OR honey. Add 1/3 stick of butter & season with salt & pepper. Put into oven with roast & stir occasionally to keep veggies moist. These come out sweet & sour & delicious!

Before being cooked:

After being cooked:


Challah Bread - Rip by hand into small pieces & toast in oven until dry & crispy. Remove & put into bowl. Dice 1 Large onion small, 3 celery sticks & any other vegetable you choose (carrots, cranberries etc.) Saute these vegetables in butter, season with rosemary, thyme, sage, salt & pepper until tender. Toss vegetables into bread mixture. Add about 1/2 box of chicken stock or broth to bread mixture & toss. Beat 2 eggs & add to bread mixture & toss again. Shred some parmesan cheese into bread mixture & toss yet again. Put into greased baking dish & bake 350 degrees until crispy on the top. YUM!!!

Delicious sides to roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes & chicken/gravy, maybe a salad too! Here are some plates, one vegetarian with roasted vegetables, the other with chicken.

Nice home cooked meal! Enjoy~


  1. That dish looks DELICIOUS!!!

    I love your blog! I just saw your link on goodreads asking for followers :) So I thought I'd drop by and follow you! Now I'm off to check the other recipes you have up.

    - Kimberly @

  2. Thank you so much Steve & Kimberly! This is one of my sons favorite meals! I just went to your blog Kimberly & great job! I'm now following. Thanks again!

  3. Want to taste this food... ;-)
    Nice Blog Tamster

  4. Ha ha ha! Thanks dxn! (: Glad you enjoy my blog, I'm having a lot of fun sharing my recipes!


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