Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Glass etching gifts

I made these for christmas gifts. Would be great for engagement or housewarming too. Pretty easy to make & a useful gift. You can give as is, or fill with cookies, or use as gift box n fill with kitchenwares, etc.

Armour etch cream
Glassware (not pyrex)
Rubber gloves
Stencil brush
Vinyl stencils
Painters tape

Take glass & place vinyl evenly as possible. Surround tape with painters tape. Put rubber gloves on & take stencil brush & heavily apply etch cream. Leave on for at least half an our, an hour is better. Put gloves back on, & with sponge wash etch cream off. Then take tape & stencils off. Wash dish & dry. Be careful, etch cream is caustic. Enjoy your new dish, now monogrammed or personalized!

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