Friday, May 4, 2012


Chicken Pot Pie & Veggie Pot Pie! I have to make both because some of us are vegetarians & the others don't eat many veggies! Of course, YOU can make with chicken & veggies all mixed together in one dish! I'll show you my dishes though, or you could make one or the other! My daughter LOVES the veggie pot pie! I used refrigerated biscuits for the top (quicker), but you can use pie crust if you want to make it fancy! They even sell pre-made pie crust, or you can make your own. Here are my recipes:


Saute Onions, Celery, Carrots in olive oil with a little pat of butter. Add broth when they start browning & saute until tender. Season with salt & pepper. Once tender, coat with some flour (about 2 tbsp.) & stir. Then add about 1 cup of milk & stir until thickened. Empty this veggie mixture into a bowl. In the pan, add a little cooking sherry to deglaze the pan. Then add some cut mushrooms, zucchini, whatever softer veggies you have (or add at end of cooking the harder veggies, whichever works). I had leftover zucchini from a previous meal! You can do that, frozen veggies (peas are good), corn, potatoes. Whatever you have & like. Cook until just tender. I also add about 2 tsp.'s apple cider vinegar for taste & Thyme, rosemary, sage! Herbs give a lot of flavor to the dish. Do the same thing, add flour, stir then add about a cup of milk. When done, put in bowl. Stir all veggies together, then put in baking dish (sprayed with cooking spray). Top with refrigerated biscuits. Cook 350 degrees until biscuits are lightly browned & veggies are bubbly!

Picture of Mushrooms cooking:

For the chicken pot pie, make exactly as above, except add cut up chicken. Great way to use up leftover chicken! Here's my veggie & chicken mixture in the bowl.

Here's the mixtures in the baking dishes with biscuit tops:

...and wallah! The dishes:



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