Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Zucchini noodle salad

Zucchini - 4
feta cheese - 1/8 cup
grape tomatoes
olive oil/salt/pepper
lemon juice
Rosemary garlic seasoning
1 bulb garlic chopped

Drizzle tomatoes with olive oil & season with salt & pepper & the rosemary garlic seasoning. Roast tomatoes in 400 degree oven until carmelized. Spiralize zucchini (I use pampered chef spiralizer) & put in bowl. Put feta on top of zucchini. Then when tomatoes are done, add those on top. Mix lemon juice & olive oil & garlic for dressing.

NOTE: My kids LOVED this! :) Next time I make will take a better picture. It's very beautiful & would make a nice side dish for company.

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