Sunday, May 1, 2016

Trash to treasure: old wall picture to chalk board

I sadly did it again & failed to take a picture of this chalkboard before I started painting it! I may have one somewhere, if I find, I will post. Anyway, this was an OLD, RATTY wall hanging. The frame was dingy, cracked, dirty etc. It had in it an old map which was just haphazardly placed there! I first washed the whole thing good. I then sanded it & washed again. Then, I filled the cracks with calking, let dry & sanded it again. I then taped the frame part off & painted 2 coats on the glass with black chalkboard paint. Then when that was dry, I taped the chalkboard part off & painted the frame an oat/creamcolor with the chalk paint. When that was dry, I painted with a dry brush just over some areas (brushed) a metallic gold. Here is the finished project which I plan to use in my kitchen in my new beach home!

After chalk paint, before frame is painted:

Finished & ready to go on my kitchen wall! :)

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