Thursday, April 7, 2016

Refreshing old decor

We just bought a house in Maine which needs a ton of work. My hubby is a contractor, so he will be renovating it as soon as possible. We also went through the entire inside of the house, it was filled with junk, old items, dirty items & trash! We threw some out, but I set aside items that I could revamp & use to decorate the newly renovated home!

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the before of this cutting board. Let's just say it was scratched, had a terrible, hideous graphic on it & was grimy as well. I took it home & decided to give it a good wash, then I chalk painted it a cream color which I then distressed with sandpaper. I printed out a few graphics. One graphic I found on the internet & the other I made on a word document. I proceeded to decoupage the 2 graphics onto the cutting board. I think it looks great now & would make a great decoration for the new home!

I also washed out a plain mason jar I found there & decided to paint a nantucket blue/gray color. I made the color with a blueish black acrylic mixed with a cream chalk paint. I painted jar, let dry then distressed with sandpaper. I then added some brown string around the top & a salt dough ornament to the jar, one I previously made . I plan to put dry flowers (hydrangeas?) in when I use for decor. 

I like how they came out! Trash to treasure! I promise to start taking before pics so you can see difference.  Here are items together:


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