Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Easiest Dinner EVER!

This is literally my go-to easy dinner, which is pretty healthy, smells delicious & everyone likes. Win-win!

You take a bone in chicken breast, wash & pat dry, spray baking dish with cooking spray, put salt/pepper on top of chicken. Then put some McCormick pinch perfect rotisserie chicken on top of chicken. Lastly top off with a little butter.

I put in oven with chicken a few baking potatoes, scrubbed & stabbed & cook 350 degrees about an hour (or until browned on top & no longer pink). Once literally thrown in oven, you can go do other things. When dinner is almost done, I make up a quick salad. I think the Italian dressing gives additional flavor to the meal. How easy is that?

Before going in oven...spices shown.

When done & plated. Wallah!

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