Monday, June 17, 2013

Indian Pizza

I saw this recipe somewhere for this super easy Indian Pizza. I LOVE Indian food & this is something quick & light that satisfies my Indian food cravings. You can serve with salad.


Tandoori Naan Bread (frozen - Trader Joe's)
Cherry tomatoes chopped
A handful of spinach
A few spoonfuls of Lite Ricotta
Curry Simmer Sauce

Take frozen Naan bread & put on baking dish (if making one toaster oven). Spread a layer of curry simmer sauce or your favorite Indian simmer sauce on the Naan. Put a few dollops of Ricotta, a few handfuls of Spinach & cook in 350 degree oven about 5 minutes. When done, top with chopped tomatoes. You can also top with corn, or tweak the ingredients to what you have or are in the mood for. How simple & delicious is that?

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