Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flower Arrangements

I love making flower arrangements with fake dried flowers. They can look tacky, so you have to be careful. This first one is in a southern living distressed white planter. I mixed neutral colors & a few punches of color to match the beach feel in the living room. Hope you like!

This next one is in the dining room & I have some oriental, fancy style decor in that room. I actually had ONE of these hydrangeas left, so put in the pot to add color to this part of the room. I love how the long flower stalks come up & out of the arrangement. Small, simple, but adds a punch of color & goes perfectly with the decor in the room.

This one I have 2 almost exact in the kitchen. One has this large butterfly in it. Normally I would think this butterfly might be gaudy, but there are very sparse decorations all around this area, so it brings a hint of fun, color & spring to my window. Great to look at while doing dishes. (:

This last one the photo didn't come out the best. It's pretty simple, with little color, but the white in the flowers contrasts the beige tile walls. I put turquoise stones in the vase bottom & they match the tiling accents in the room. Perfect!

A few more:


  1. I like using faux flowers too and I think most new ones look pretty real these days. Love the simple arrangement you made of the white hydrangeas - really pretty!


  2. I agree Manuela! I also love simple hydrangea arrangements, a dash of color, real & fresh looking.


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